Hello, I’m Janice!

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I am a California-based adventurer and outdoor travel blogger from Singapore who loves taking on challenges and unique experiences.

I know how much you obsess over traveling, and I’m here to help you plan the best trip ever.

Have you ever asked any these questions:

  • How do I plan my trip?
  • How do I optimize my route so that I don’t waste time?
  • Where do I find the best viewpoints and hikes?
  • How can I go camping as a beginner?

You’re in great company! Since 2018, I’ve been blogging about the bucket list-worthy destinations I’ve been to. I include lots of juicy details and things you need to know so that you can make the trip happen too.

My goal is to answer all your questions in each of my articles, so that you’ll save time by not needing to search high and low all over the internet.

You and me – we’re outdoor and nature junkies. Hence, my guides are mostly geared towards that, instead of a cookie-cutter style of travel.

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    Say no to boring trips and choose adventure travel!

    They call us Type A personality travelers – but I wasn’t always like this.

    I used to be a passive traveler who was okay to follow along with other people’s plans. However, those trips were not particularly memorable. That’s because I wasn’t interested in those things, yet I felt powerless as I didn’t know what else to do in the city.

    Eventually, I decided to take trip planning into my own hands. I wanted to find out the best hotels, flight deals, and nature-centric activities that I know everyone will enjoy. It felt really empowering to be able to plan my own trips.

    The best part is, you may even save money by choosing adventure travel since you’re not just paying for the usual tourist experience. For example, it costs nothing for you to hike to a peak, versus paying for a city skyline viewing ticket.

    Hiking, road trips and camping became my new passion of mine ever since my semester exchange to California in 2018. I loved it so much that it inspired me to start this travel blog.

    Some trips that have shaped my travel style over the years include:

    In 2023 I quit my first ever job in Singapore to move to the United States and we’re now based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Leaving the stable and well-paying environment in Singapore was difficult, but we knew something had to change if we want a different lifestyle.

    Here we are – my husband (Merrick) is pursuing his PhD here and I am living my dream life in California, where the best National Parks and beaches are just a weekend trip away.

    You can look forward to hiking, camping and outdoor trip ideas as we make the most of the years in the US.

    Here’s what I have for you..

    If you’ve always wanted to learn how to go on more outdoor trips, experience a more natural and rugged side of a destination, and put together itineraries that enjoy the best of all worlds – grab some coffee and take a seat.

    On this website, you’ll find destination itineraries, cool hotel recommendations, and tips for going outdoors.

    Here’s what we have to help you plan your best trip ever:

    • Detailed travel itineraries based on personal experience
    • Ways to incorporate hiking and camping into travel
    • Gear and tips to help you stay safe and be prepared when going outdoors
    • An inside look into cost breakdowns to help you plan your budget
    • Where to stay to maximise your time and suit activity preferences

    I’ve received so much from my time traveling that I want to share this feeling of empowerment with you. Whether that’s through going on your first hike, or by helping you find a great honeymoon deal.

    In this age where even AI can help you with travel planning, it’s no use having a long list of things to do if they’re not what you’re looking for. This website is about picking out the most fun experiences without the hefty price tag so that you can get excited about the trip.

    Hop on as I bring you inspiring stories, helpful travel tips, and unforgettable moments from the great outdoors. 

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      Read on for more adventures! Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram to catch up, or say hello via janice@wheresjanice.com.

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