4-Day Jeju Itinerary: Scenic Roadtrip Guide

I love Jeju Island so much! Even in winter it is so beautiful and much warmer than Seoul. My favorite memories were of the Seafood Ramen place near Woljeongri beach, after our first hike in Jeju. I was very committed to plan the perfect Jeju itinerary for us, something full of food adventures and nature encounters.

How many days are enough for Jeju? You will need at least 4 days to enjoy nature at a relaxing pace, to check out the best food in Jeju and to experience different parts of the island.

This plan does not include Jeju city museums because we wanted to spend more time outdoors. It is centred around activities in south Jeju/Seogwipo, known for scenic natural landscapes. If you are a food and nature lover, you will love this 4-day Jeju itinerary.

Phone numbers of each destination included, scroll to the end for navigation tips.

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Day 1: Arrive In Jeju 

Jeju Itinerary Map: From Jeju City to Seogwipo

Arrive in Jeju Airport, collect car

We rented a Hyundai Tucson from LOTTE rent-a-car at the airport (reserve online in order to secure the car). You can also browse on Rentalcars.com or Klook. It could seat 5 people comfortably and has a large trunk space for luggages. The service was really good and we did not wait long for our car. For tips on essentials to bring a road trip, refer to this guide.

Note: Most places in Jeju require that drivers have >1 year of driving experience. Our car rental company had a minimum age of 21. You can find more tips for Jeju car rental here.

Lunch @ 명진전복 Myeongjin Jeonbok Abalone Restaurant (Tel: 782-9944)

I will never forget this meal, it was so so good! We tucked into this restaurant at 3pm for a late lunch, and we were not disappointed. This place is famous for a good reason. We ordered grilled abalone and abalone stone pot rice, yum! 🙂

Gimnyeong Maze Park (Tel: 782-9266)

This is something that would be fun to do if there is spare time after lunch.

Gimnyeong Maze Park
Source: VisitKorea

Check in at hotel Park Sunshine Jeju (Tel: 766-1000)

View from hotel
View from my room through a tinted window

We decided to stay in Seogwipo (city in south Jeju) for the following reasons:

  1. Proximity to the Hallasan trail that we wanted to do
  2. Plenty of food options in the city, despite Seogwipo being less happening than Jeju city
  3. We wanted to do a loop of the entire island

The hotel was situated near convenience stores, with a lot of available parking, and a modern interior. We also considered airbnb near the east of Jeju, but we decided that we wanted to have our rooms made daily (a family of 5 will definitely make a mess), so we picked a hotel instead. Check out the latest prices for Park Sunshine Hotel Jeju on Agoda.

The service was great and the main lounge is really glamorous, I highly recommend this hotel. If you want to experience staying near the ocean, take a look at these hotels with amazing sea view.

Dinner @ 용이식당 Yong-I Restaurant (Tel: 732-7892)

Jeju barbecue dinner

They served only one type of food, which was a huge serving of pan-fried pork with various vegetables. The reviews were good, and it was crowded too!

Chill in Paris Baguette Café (Tel: 763-1582)

When it’s cold you just want to hide in a cafe and drink coffee. Yes, even though it is close to bedtime. This cafe was a stone’s throw away from our dinner place in the city center.

Paris Baguette cafes in Korea seem to have a different vibe from those in Singapore, it felt so inviting and they use really cute cups. We bought pastries and cake, relaxed here for a while before going back to the hotel.

Day 2: Jeju Ocean Views

Jeju Itinerary Map: East Jeju attractions

Breakfast & coffee @ Café Coji (Tel: 784-1005)

We initially wanted to go to Udo Island, but due to bad weather they cancelled ferry services. It didn’t affect our plans too much as there are some nice cafes nearby around Seongsan Ilchubong. I love the cafe culture in Korea!

I wrote another blog post about the best cafes in Jeju you need to check out. These cafes are all over Jeju Island so you can plan your itinerary around them.

Seongsan Ilchubong/Sunrise Peak (Tel: 710-7923)

Our first hike in Jeju was Seongsan Ilchubong, located in east Jeju. This hike is family friendly and I saw many elderly and young children on this short 30 minute hike up. You will see a bird’s eye view of Jeju as the ascend begins so don’t forget to enjoy the scenery.

Seafood ramen & pancake lunch @ 해맞이쉼터 Haemaji Shimteo (Tel: 782-7875)

Since we only reached Jeju in the afternoon on Day 1, we did not see much of the beach in the northeast region so we decided to go back there. When we drove past, we saw that there were many cute cafes by the beach. They had put little chairs/beanbags outside their shop for people to take pictures with.

As distracted as we were, we went to 해맞이쉼터 Haemaji Shimteo for lunch. The menu is in Korean, but just know that you should order Haemul Ramyeon (seafood ramen) and Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake). It might seem like I am exaggerating but TRUST ME – it was the BEST seafood ramen and seafood pancake I have ever had, and my family agreed too. I highly recommend this place, even though this is a small shop. The portions were large enough for my family to share a few bowls of soup + pancake. #noregrets

Café hop/walk along the coast 

When you come to this part of Jeju, you will find many well decorated cafes that face the sea. We enjoyed walking along the road right next to the beach, and we stopped to take many pictures.

Sunset @ Seopjikoji (Tel: 782-0080)

This was an easy walk through Seopjikoji with scenic views of the ocean and lovely grass plains on the side. Fun fact – the house in the pictures was featured in a Korean drama, do you know which one?

Sunset in Jeju

Visit Seogwipo Maeil Market + Dinner (Tel: 762-1949)

The market was mostly closed by the time we got there, so we went for a fried chicken place nearby which was super good. The market had some food, some household items, etc.

Fried chicken outside market in Jeju
so. much. CHICKEN!!!

Day 3: Mountain & Crater Trails

Jeju Itinerary Map

Hike Hallasan Mountain, Yeongsil Trail (Tel: 747-9950)

The trail that we chose was Yeongsil Trail, the easiest one that takes about 5 hours for a round trip. There are a few other trails with entrances on different sides of the mountain. It is not a technical hike as it was well marked with ropes and signs, and stairs built on the steeper parts. My 50-year-old parents did this hike, so I would say this is family friendly 🙂

Due to the slippery ice and snow, we needed to use crampons. They look like spikes you can attach to your shoe. They cost about $30 each, so if you can find some you should buy them outside of the Hallasan area. Our rental car included snow chains, which you might need in winter when you head up in the morning.

You can park at Halla Yeongsil Service Area, which is where you’ll begin your hike. Make sure you start your hikes early in order to make it down by sunset. In winter, the latest time to start the trail is 12pm, and you’ll need to descend from Witse Oreum by 3pm.


  • Once you start the trail, there are no bathrooms other than at the rest stops
  • Bring snacks, some money to buy cup noodles at the rest stop
  • Bring a raincoat in case of rain (check the weather forecast too)
  • Don’t carry too much if you can, pack light!
  • Do refer to the official website and maps for latest information

Lunch @ Gyo Rae Handmade Noodles Soup (Tel: 782-9870)

At this point you might have a late lunch, so just find the nearest place to eat. We were wet and cold from the snow, so we picked a table near the heater. Thankfully this place had very yummy noodle soup, the kind that makes you think happy thoughts. We had chicken and seafood noodle soup, what a way to warm up and recover from the hike. After the yummy recharge, off to the next item on the agenda!

Sunset @ Sangumburi Crater (Tel: 783-9900)

I’d say this is a must-go, a tranquil and scenic landscape with views of a sizable crater”. There is some serious Korean drama vibe when you see the flame grass (the tall white feathery plants). We stopped to take family pictures against such a romantic backdrop. Aside from photo opportunities, you get an elevated view of the town below, and it is a great place to watch the sunset.

Dinner @ Black Pork BBQ (Tel: 762-8588)

What better way to celebrate the end of a long day than to feast on Korean barbecue. This is a famous Black Pork barbecue place in Jeju and thankfully it was located in Seogwipo near our hotel. The service was good and they gave us large plastic bags to store our jackets, keeping out the smell. The waiters cooked our meat for us and cut them into bite-sized portions for everyone. It was worth the money, and I understand why people say that you must try Black Pork BBQ when you visit Jeju.

As we walked around with our full bellies, we decided rest in a warm cafe and get some dessert. There are nice cafes in every corner of the city, so take a walk and see what you find.

Sweet family photo in cafe

Day 4: Journey To Jeju City

Jeju Itinerary Map

This is the day we head north towards Jeju city and the airport, passing by some attractions in the west.

You could spend the morning having a nice warm cup of ramen as you enjoy the breeze and the view. We had breakfast on the hotel rooftop as we had the area all to ourselves.

Jusangjeolli Cliff (Tel: 738-1521)

I’ll let the photos do the talking, it is such a photogenic place and the park itself is so calming.

This is another must-see, and it was only 10 minutes drive away from our hotel. Plan about 30 minutes to walk through the park and view the unique rock formations by the coast.

Yongmeori Coast (Tel: 794-2940)

This trail leads you along a rocky coastal path with great ocean views and unique rock formations. You will also meet some men fishing and women selling the fresh raw seafood. Yes, you can try the food right there! There are some tide pools with marine life too and we saw octopus, mussels and clams. This trail would take about 2 hours at a leisurely pace, including photo-taking.

Local fisherman

Sunset @ 몽상 Monsant Cafe (Tel: 799-8900)

Did you know that G-Dragon opened this cafe? Although we would have loved to visit Monsant Cafe on the way back to Jeju city, we ran out of time. Also, do expect a crowd and head there at least 1 hour before sunset.

Sunset from GD cafe in Jeju
Photo © Yoon Joonhawn

Check in at Leo Hotel (Tel: 754-7000)

This hotel was situated right in the heart of Jeju city, and near the airport. Proximity to food was again an important factor when planning our Jeju itinerary.

Book Leo Hotel on Agoda

Dinner @ Samseonghyeol Seafood Soup (Tel: 745-3000)

This place was packed, just look at the photo! Value for money, lots of fresh seafood in one family sized pot. They de-shell, cut, and cook it for you. Gotta love Jeju.

Shopping @ Jeju City

My mum bought cosmetic and facial care products, and she loved the variety of products. Everyone’s favorite is Innisfree, which comes from Jeju so this is one more thing to be excited about. Typically when you see one beauty shop, you will see a whole street lined with such shops.

Navigation Tips

Use Naver Map

If you tried to plan your driving routes for your Jeju itinerary, you might notice that google maps is not useful at all. You do not need to know how to type Korean, simply type in phone numbers into Naver maps.

Get GPS from the car rental company

If your rented car comes with GPS, the rental company can teach you how to input phone numbers as destinations.

And that concludes our Jeju adventures. I really enjoyed the food, especially the seafood ramen that filled our bellies after hiking. Overall, it is such a romantic place though, no wonder Koreans call this island the Hawaii of Asia. I hope this Jeju itinerary has helped you plan your trip.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.

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Jeju Itinerary
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  • Meiliana Lukman

    Thank you for a wonderful detail! I am going to visit Jeju in September with my family of 2 young boys, just to relax and chill, seems like this is a perfect itinerary to follow! Many thanks!! Your mum look so young, I thought you’re all sisters! 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Meiliana, I’m glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy Jeju as much as we did, I miss the food there and it’s perfect if you love nature. My mum will be so happy you said that haha 🙂

  • Jiyeon


    I was wondering how you guys rented a car ..
    I have a California driver license, and I was wondering if it was valid in Jeju-island without IDL?

    thank you~
    P.S awesome posts by the way 😀

  • Huining chew

    Hi Janice, I am visiting jeju in mid Dec later this year and I am very interested to visit hallasan with my family. I have 3 kids age 15,13 and 9. Is it achievable given the snowy condition? We will be driving

    • Janice

      Hi! I think you will need to consider the need for snow chains as you drive up to the mountain, and you could also choose to hike a small part of the trail instead of the full trail. It could be fun to just have a taste of snowy mountain hiking for a while, and if your kids are feeling cold/not up to it you can just come back down easily.

    • Janice

      Hi! We didn’t go all the way to the end because it started getting very foggy and cloudy and we couldn’t see much ahead of us. So we figured that there won’t be much of a view anyway, so we turned back after the rest stop. We stopped for quite long at the rest stop, but in total it might have been about 5 hours.

  • Jocica

    Hi, thanks for sharing your Jeju trip experience. We a group of 6 family members going to there next May. Contemplating if to self drive or engage a driver. Is it manageable for left hand drive ? I’ve never tried before.

    • Janice

      Hi Jocica, I hope the blog helped! 🙂 If you don’t mind the expense, a driver with a bigger car might be a good idea. The driving is quite manageable once you get out of the busy city areas.

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